Source Code

The source code is available under the liberal MIT license on github. If you hit a bug or would like to request a feature please raise an issue.

Designed for UNIX style platforms with node >= 6.

As you can see from the aggregate summary shown below the source is quite compact.

  "total": 11716,
  "source": 6077,
  "comment": 4326,
  "single": 430,
  "block": 3896,
  "mixed": 41,
  "empty": 1359,
  "todo": 9

This summary includes all core libraries, plugins and the command line interface.

The source code has not been tested on Windows and there are no plans to make it interoperable with Windows. Recent versions of Windows include the Linux subsystem which should allow the code to run.

If you are able to get the code running on Windows let us know so we can update the documentation.

If you have a really urgent need for Windows compatibility and are willing to sponsor access to a Windows machine please get in touch.