Verify anchor links exist.

Verify links to named anchors exist on the page.

Checks links that have href attributes pointing to id attributes on the same page (href="#id") or on another page (href="about.html#id").

If the path looks like a directory then the target page is deemed to be an index.html file, use the index option if you are using a different index file.

Note that this implementation verifies that a corresponding element with an id attribute exists on the page, it does not check for elements with a name attribute as HTML5 no longer supports this style of named anchors.

Link href attributes that have a protocol are deemed to be absolute and outside of the resource graph structure - they are not followed.

VerifyAnchor.prototype.after(context, options)

Verifies that named anchors in each HTML document exist.

When strict is disabled an error is not thrown but a warning message is logged.