Validates HTML documents.

Validate HTML documents using the nu HTML validator jar file.

Requires that java 1.8 is installed.

This implementation can run in one of two modes either it will write the file content to stdin of the java process as files are processed which is compatible with the validate phase that executes before files are written to disc. Or it can pass all the files as arguments to the validator jar when stdin is false this implies the files have been written to disc and is compatible with the audit phase.

Writing to stdin is very slow as a new JVM is launched for each file whilst passing all the files as arguments runs the risk of the dreaded argument list too long shell error for very large sites.

The default behaviour is to use the argument list as it is much faster.

Generally it is recommended that stdin is disabled and this plugin is used during the audit phase.

new ValidateHtml(context, options)

Create a ValidateHtml plugin.

If the jar option is given it overrides the vnu-jar module.

When no format or a bad format is given the json format is used.

Pretty printing only applies when the output format is json.

When the warn option is disabled it is equivalent to the --errors-only jar option so warnings are not displayed.

ValidateHtml.prototype.sources(file, context)

Run validation on an individual HTML file when stdin is set otherwise collect the list of files to be processed afterwards.


Run validation on collected files when stdin is false.