Inject robots meta elements.

Inject robots meta elements.

new Robots(context, options)

Create a Robots plugin.

Use this plugin during the transform phase.

A rule consists of a test regular expression pattern an optional specific robot name for the meta element and the content for the meta element.

  rules: [
      test: /archive\//,
      name: 'googlebot',
      content: 'index, nofollow'

If no test pattern is specified for a rule it will apply to all files this plugin matches.

If a rule does not specify a name the default name is used which unless overriden is robots.

Likewise if the content field is not given for a rule the default is used which is noindex, nofollow.

A file can match multiple rules to cater for the use case when you want to define different rules for different robots.

Robots.prototype.before(context, options)

Configure the list of matched files.

Robots.prototype.sources(file, context, options)

Gather matching rules for a file.

Robots.prototype.after(context, options)

Rewrite file content.