Bundle assets using webpack.

Bundles source file assets using webpack.

PackWebpack.prototype.before(context[, options])

Configures the webpack compiler with system plugins.

If the configuration option pack is disabled this function call is a noop.

If the watch configuration option is set the compiler watches source files and the returned promise will never resolve. In this instance the webpack plugin is responsible for executing the rest of the lifecycle at the appropriate time.

Returns a promise that resolves when compilation is complete.

Converts the build configuration into a webpack compatible configuration removing fields that are not used by webpack.

new Config(context)

Creates a Config.

Config.prototype.getConfig(system, options)

Get a webpack compatible configuration.

System webpack plugin.

PackPlugin.prototype.addFiles(compilation, files)

Adds compilation entries.

Returns a promise that resolves when all the files have been added.


Webpack plugin entry point that configures the webpack plugin functions.