Deploys the site to a configured provider.

Deploys the site to a configured deployment provider.

Deployment providers are classes that expose a deploy method.

This plugin will (after validation) instantiate an instance of the provider class and call the deploy function passing the processing context, the deployment config and the plugin options.

The provider deploy function should return a promise that resolves once the deployment is complete.

DeploySite.prototype.before(context, options)

Validates deployment for a provider.

DeploySite.prototype.after(context, options)

Performs deployment for a provider.

static getProviderModuleName(config)

Gets the name of the module to require for a deployment provider.

The convention is to prepend makestatic-deploy- to the provider identifier.

Returns string module name.

static getProvider(config)

Requires a deployment provider module.

Deployment provider modules should resolve to a class.

Returns the deployment provider module.