Automatic titles for hyperlinks.

For each HTML document with an AST find anchor elements and set the title attribute.

new AutoTitle(context, options)

Creates an AutoTitle plugin.

Configure this plugin for the transform phase. Expects that the graph-resources plugin has been configured.

The HTTP agent should be available (automatically configured by the core-standard plugin).


Prepare the list of matched elements.

AutoTitle.prototype.sources(file, context)

For each file with an AST find link elements and add them to the list of matched elements. If the force option is not set and a link already has a title it is not included in the matchs.


Process matched elements.

If the href points to a page in the site structure then the title of the document is extracted and used, if the href is an absolute URL then the document is fetched and the title of the remote document is extracted.

In both cases if the URL contains a named anchor (#) this implementation will attempt to find an element with an id attribute in the document DOM, if the element is found then the text of the element is used as the title for the link, if the referenced element could not be found but a page title is available it is used instead.