API Documentation

Archive Zip
Create zip archive of build files.
Audit Files
Verifies integrity of files on disc.
Auto Title
Automatic titles for hyperlinks.
Build Exec
Executes commands during the build phase.
Build Version
Generate project build versions.
Clean Output
Removes the output directory.
Makestatic command line interface.
Generic file processing library.
Core Standard
Standard lifecycle configuration.
Generate CSP meta and nonces.
Csp Sha
Generate CSP meta and sha checksums.
Css Standard
Standard CSS plugin configuration.
Deploy Pages
Deploy provider for github pages.
Deploy S3
Deploy provider for amazon s3.
Deploy Site
Deploys the site to a configured provider.
Dom Version
Inject version information into HTML pages.
Emit Gzip
Emits static gzip files.
File wrapper library.
Fingerprints output files.
Graph Resources
Create a resource graph.
Html Standard
Standard HTML template plugin configuration.
Http Cache
Caching HTTP client.
Inline Css
Transforms external stylesheets to inline styles.
Inline Data
Convert resource references to data URIs.
Generates a JSON manifest of the output files.
Optimize Css
Optimize CSS files.
Optimize Html
Optimize HTML files.
Optimize Image
Optimize image files.
Optimize Js
Optimize javascript files.
Pack Webpack
Bundle assets using webpack.
Page Id
Utility to generate a page identifier.
Parse Csp
Parses the csp.txt files to abstract syntax trees.
Parse Css
Parses CSS files to an abstract syntax tree.
Parse Html
Parses HTML files to an abstract syntax tree.
Parse Js
Parses javascript files to an abstract syntax tree.
Parse Robots
Parses the robots.txt file to an abstract syntax tree.
Convert headings to permalinks.
Preset Optimize
Optimize lifecycle preset.
Preset Parse
Parse lifecycle preset.
Resolve File
Resolves output file paths.
Inject robots meta elements.
Generates sitemap files.
Sources Loader
Loads source files from disc.
Generate subresource integrity attributes.
Validate Html
Validates HTML documents.
Verify Anchor
Verify anchor links exist.
Verify Id
Verify id attributes are unique.
Verify Link
Verify external links exist.
Write File
Writes output files to disc.