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Get yarn if you need it:

npm i -g yarn

Install the command line interface, yeoman (if you don’t already have it) and the project templates:

yarn global add makestatic yo \

Then create a new project called webapp:

yo makestatic webapp && cd webapp

Now you can launch the application:

makestatic -w

Happy hacking!

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During development run:

makestatic -w

To inspect the network requests without the browsersync activity use the stage environment:

makestatic --env stage

To watch files for the production environment use:

makestatic -w --env production

When you are ready to deploy the application create an optimized version with:

makestatic --clean --env production

The generated files are minified using sensible default settings and all images are optimized with no extra configuration required.

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The source code is available under the liberal MIT license on github. If you hit a bug or would like to request a feature please raise an issue.

Designed for UNIX style platforms with node >= 6.

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